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FDA Approves Alzheimer's Treatment

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of aducanumab (AduhelmTM) from Biogen — the first drug to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease — is a milestone in the treatment of the disease and a beginning of a completely new future for Alzheimer’s treatments. This treatment, while not a cure, is pivotal and current progress in science is significant. We expect this will be the first of a number of treatments to come.

A new type of Alzheimer’s treatment, aducanumab addresses the disease in a way that has never been done before. This therapy slows progression of the disease, rather than only addressing symptoms.

Better Health Outcomes Through Earlier Diagnosis and Treatment

Early detection in Alzheimer’s disease is important now more than ever with a treatment available. Early diagnosis has long demonstrated better health outcomes for individuals and their caregivers. If you or a loved one is experiencing memory changes, the Alzheimer’s Alliance strongly encourages speaking with a health care provider for a thorough evaluation, diagnosis and to discuss treatment options.

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