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Ways You Can Help Senior Neighbors in Your Community

Written By: Beverly Nelson

As a member of your community, there’s a lot you and your family can do to help seniors living in your neighborhood. Seniors may have trouble maintaining social connections, doing chores, or staying safe in their homes. Below, learn how you can reach out to local seniors who may need a helping hand at home or in the community.

How to Help Seniors in Their Homes

Many seniors spend the majority of their time at home due to a medical condition or a lack of social connections. Here’s how you can help them thrive and stay safe at home.

Helping an Older Adult Care for Their Yard During Fall

Assist Them in Finding Experts to Have Gutters Cleaned Out

5 Tips for Helping a Senior Clean Their House

Tips on Grocery Shopping for an Older Person

Indoor Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Five Great Games to Play with Your Senior Loved Ones

Selling Their Home and Downsizing Can Relieve Financial Stress

Helping Seniors Stay Active in the Community

Seniors can benefit greatly from venturing out in the community to volunteer, exercise, or participate in clubs. Here are some ideas for helping your elders get involved.

Ways for Seniors to Remain Socially Connected

Help Seniors Find a Senior Center

Best Exercises for Seniors: Expert Tips and Advice on Outdoor Exercises

Even Homebound Seniors Can Volunteer

Finding Transportation Services for Seniors

Reaching out to senior members of your community will help them feel connected and cared for. Whether you run errands, stop by for a chat, or help them get involved outdoors, there are numerous ways to make a difference.

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